Reduce your time spent going to insurer extranets by 45 minutes per quote.


Give your business the PowerPlace advantage

Now you can get the best deals for your clients – and you can get them faster. It’s all thanks to PowerPlace. This state-of-the-art online trading platform lets you quote, evaluate and sell a wide range of leading insurance products in minutes. It’s easy to use too – just click and compare. Your business is more efficient and cost effective. Your clients get the right products for their needs. It’s a win-win.

How it works

PowerPlace can be used as a standalone marketplace accessed through a secure extranet site or fully integrated with Open GI software, avoiding the need to rekey. It’s available anytime and anywhere, giving you the flexibility to offer out-of-office quotes. That’s a big plus for you and your customers.

You benefit from

With our ever-growing panel of products and insurers, plus regular software updates, PowerPlace keeps you well ahead of the competition.
Forget having to source, collate and compare information from numerous insurers using different systems. A simple single-view screen is all you need.
Automating your commercial broking will give you the competitive edge you need to win and retain new business.
One straightforward question set gives you a range of quotes and product benefits.